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New 3D wallpaper full hd

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PostPosted: 28-06-2016 09:16:37    Post subject: New 3D wallpaper full hd Reply with quote

Technology 3D TV glasses new generation will provide deeper images and wider viewing angles than current technology.
Laboratory Media Lab of MIT University (USA) is developing two prototype 3D TV glasses new generation, to providedeeper images and wider viewing angles than the current solution.
The first prototype combines husband LCD screen 2 panels and lighting equipment using an oriented background BLU(backlighting unit), while the second prototype with 3 panels illuminated by a conventional BLU. New 3D wallpaper full hd technology this is named Tensor Display.
In short, the 3D effect will be a special processing software and rapid emitting display alternating images on each panel. According to the MIT Media Lab, the new technology is based on complexity of the optical beam and calculates combine them together.
This laboratory also said Tensor Display screen will be on the market within the next 5 years and are cheaper than the stereoscopic imaging technology based on the current hardware.
Although the technology seems promising, but the image quality is still slightly blurred slightly during the demonstration prototype TV.
3D touch technology promises to allow users to push and pull objects usually only seen on the monitor connected to the computer.
The researchers also said that the new technology will soon be commercialized, user support effective implementation of multitasking tasks related to virtual reality.
"This technology gives the feeling that you can touch the objects in the 3D world," according to AFP quoted Natsuo Koda, CEO of Miraisens.
Also known as "tactile 3D technology", this technique combines 3D images with different types of vibration, is createdfrom a small device attached to the user's fingertips.
"In theory, the technology blends the images displayed in front with different vibration patterns, making the brain deceived," said Norio Nakamura, director of Miraisens techniques.
Tactile 3D technology promises to upgrade the experience in virtual reality gaming array, creating truer sense for gamers, as well as potential applications in the field of 3D printing, allows a child dinosaur create virtual models and thenwitnessed the symbolic animals.
There are many interesting things about the 3d wallpaper is waiting for you to discover, let alone owned the space wallpaper full hd for insights and new perspectives on the 3d space.
Also we are a lot of other attractive wallpapers like animated wallpapers, nature wallpaper full hd, wildlife wallpapers, ... install right on their computer, we'll help you choose the most suitable wallpapers, wallpaper quality with high-resolution and various sizes suitable for both the computer and the phone, do not forget to share with your friends.

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